Storytime Joy

Ms. Cate, my  young co-worker, hosts wonderful storytimes and “Bibliobops,” dance parties for all ages.  In this blog post, she talks about how we all learn from each other to find joy, fun and meaning in wonderful picture books and get across all that wonderfulness  to the youngsters in our lives.

Oh, and she calls me Ms. Shelley the Magnificent.  🙂

The Draft

Ricky had to sign up for The Draft as part of filling in one of his college apps. No big deal according to the ssa site, right?

Then it’s my privilege (and responsibility, I suppose) to read the news.

No big deal, right?

Two of my favorite anti-war books for all ages:

Patrol by Walter Dean Myers

The Butter Battle Book by Dr. Seuss

What’s up with windows and mirrors for life?

Windows and mirrors is a phrase used in the children’s book world, and probably beyond…  It’s a good answer to this kind of question:  “Why should we have any books about black people in our library?  We don’t have any black people using our library.”  You can substitute any term you like for “black people.”  Howsabout “lesbians” or “Holocaust victims” or “Native American people” or “foster families” or “trans people” or ?”  Etc.

We needs books of all kinds in our life–those that reflect our world back to us (mirrors), and those that open us up to the worlds of others (windows).

That’s the essence of windows and mirrors, and I think it applies to life as well as books.  We need to seek out people and experiences that reflect who we are PLUS people and experiences that open us up to the rest of the world.